Internships at Antler Ridge

Responsibilities for Internships at Antler Ridge Wildlife

• Feeding orphaned mammals
• Daily cleaning, feeding, watering, hosing, and scrubbing pens of all animals  housed in facility and outdoor enclosures
• Monitoring progress of orphans, recording weights, food intake and maintaining proper environment
• Research a topic related to wildlife rehab and present to staff and volunteers
Research topics will be discussed at start of Internship.
• Maintain patient records
• Maintain constant awareness of all patient health and behavior
• Identify native mammal species
• Assist with capture and restraint of patients
• Intake procedures
• Food prep
• Cleaning and disinfecting indoor and outdoor cages
• Sweeping, mopping floors, dishes, disinfecting counters and sinks of treatment, kitchen, and animal housing areas
• Cleaning and disinfecting all treatment areas
• Reporting maintenance and/or safety hazards to the rehabilitation staff
• Correcting any maintenance and/or safety hazards, if possible
• Lifting and hauling items up to 50 lbs., including trash and recycling
• Assisting with organizational, landscaping, or construction projects, as needed
• Maintaining high energy levels throughout a long workday
• Assisting staff with errands
• Additional duties as requested
• Learning proper health assessment
• Assist with patient medical procedures
• Identifying common diseases
• General record keeping.
• Assist cooperative effort of large mammal tracking program with New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
• Research natural history and release site areas
• Assist with releases
• Network with area naturalists, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and state and national organizers.
• Learn about NJ’s policies, procedures and regulations regarding wildlife.
• To keep care and feeding schedules on track.
• To assist as necessary in training new Volunteers.
• To assist in determining and maintaining the daily/weekly care of animals including weighing, menus, release readiness, medical needs, critical care, etc.
• To assist with and/or bring attention to the Wildlife Care Supervisor or designee, any issues that arise concerning the general care/treatment of animals.
• To bring attention to the Wildlife and Volunteer Care Supervisor any volunteer concerns that may arise in regards to animal care.
• Responsible for obtaining replacement for own incidental hours/days off as necessary and approved by management.

Must be a self-motivated individual with a sincere interest in working with wildlife and the ability to enthusiastically work long hours. Attention to detail, punctuality, initiative and a strong desire to learn are required. At least 18 years of age with related degree or prior animal experience required. Ability to lift 50 pounds. Must have drivers license and/or reliable transportation. 40 hours per week. Must complete the intern application available for download here.

About Internships
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