Saving Lives, Preserving Wildlife, Enriching the Environment

Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, a 120-acre preserved farm located in Warren County, New Jersey, is a wildlife rehabilitation center that provides vital care and treatment to sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

Licensed by the state of New Jersey to care for fawns, raccoon, skunks, opossums, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks and other small mammals, the Sanctuary is dedicated to rehabilitating these animals back to health so they can be returned to the wild where they belong.

Our mission is also actively educate the public on the importance of:

  • Caring for the ecosystems
  • Supporting the environment in which we live
  • Respecting the wildlife with whom we share this environment
  • Protecting and preserving our native lands for the future wildlife habitat
Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary is a 5013 non-profit organization supported entirely by public donations and volunteers. We receive no local, state or federal funding.

With over 1000 animals a year brought to our facility, WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Did you know it costs $175.00 per animal per month to provide proper care?

Please help us today with a generous donation.
  • Credit Card donations can be made using the PayPal Donate button

  • Send your tax-deductible check made payable to Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, 52 County Road 661, Newton, NJ 07860.

And call us at 973-800-2420 to find out other ways to help.


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Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary
Top Rated Nonprofit
Bank of America sends in the troops to Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary

Bank of America employees from the local branches volunteered their time at the sanctuary to help build squirrel houses and feed the animals. It was fun to see "our bankers" getting their hands (and other parts) dirty. Victoria, the branch manager from the Panther Valley Branch led the gang and was the first to jump in on feeding. Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary is licensed by the State of New Jersey to care for all mammals. The sanctuary is supported by a volunteer base of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to help care for the over 900 animals a year. The sanctuary is funded by donations from the local community and by corporations like Bank of America who support local non-profits with their staff who can volunteer on company time. "It isn't every day we have this opportunity to leave our inside jobs and help support organization's like Antler Ridge, I had no idea how much work and support they need, we will definitely be back" stated one of the Bank of America Volunteers. Each of the "bankers" assembled and painted squirrel boxes. Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary will use over 50 squirrel boxes a season, this year Sara and Bridgett volunteers working on their silver award made about 25 boxes to start the season, but as we all know squirrels will have two litters a year, so thanks to the Bank of America volunteers to help us have housing for the second round of squirrels. If you would like to support the sanctuary through your company you can contact the Sanctuary Director and have a great day of learning about NJ wildlife and support the volunteer efforts of Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary. For additional information or participate in upcoming events you can visit the web site at or call 973-800-2420.

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