With all we have to do to rehabilitate orphaned or injured wildlife, we still find time for a simple barnyard of animals. It started out with a chicken named Lola, who was dropped off at St Hubert's Animal Welfare in Madison NJ. St. Hubert's does not accept live stock, but took her in anyway. It just happened to be on the day one of our volunteers was showing her Dalmatian, Timone, at an agility match, and guess what - Lola came home with us to Antler Ridge. From then on, we have acquired many neglected and discarded Farm Animals who have become our pets. Who knew how affectionate a pig could be!

Our llamas came from the Catskill Game farm when they were closed down.

The sheep were rescued from an abandoned farm in foreclosure.

The goats came from various locations where they were not in proper living conditions.

The peacock was found wandering in Morristown NJ, obviously lost in the big city.

And last but not least, Dexter the Calf (soon to be Dexter the Jersey Bull) was rescued from being a veal cutlet!


Note: The Barn Yard is not part of the Wildlife Rescue efforts, and is financially supported privately by Jim & Kelly Simonetti